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Why Dental Implants are Changing Lives

  • Prevent premature facial aging by maintaining your natural jaw bone
  • You can eat all your favorite foods without discomfort
  • You can speak with confidence
  • They are natural looking and blend in seamlessly with your smile
  • They last much longer than bridges or dentures
  • Surrounding teeth will be preserved from wear and tear
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss

Improve Your Confidence

Feel fantastic when you show up for parties, business meetings, and family functions because you can now smile with confidence and live the life you want!



Look and Feel Younger

When you have that perfect smile will feel much younger and just as importantly you will prevent premature aging that happens when we maintain your natural jaw bone through our dental implants procedure.

Dental Implants Save

Your Health & Money

Aside from the obvious cosmetic reasons, there are undeniable health benefits to getting dental implants that in turn can save you from expensive, and possibly painful, future problems that develop when you’re missing teeth. Dr. Alghadban uses the most advanced dental implant technology available, which is successfully transforming smiles and transitioning patients to the healthier lifestyle they want for themselves.

While there are bridges and dentures available to replace missing teeth, the best option for those who are a good candidate is dental implants. With dental implants you can prevent the domino effect that missing teeth has on your mouth, your life, and your future finances. Dr. Alghadban and his team at Complete Dental Studio are so passionate about the life-changing benefits of dental implants, that they’re offering a free consultation to help as many people as they can.

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Meet The Dentist Dr. Alghadban

Dr. Alghadban, known by Dr. Al, has been practicing dentistry since 2001. He graduated as a general dentist from his home town dental school, Damascus University School of Dentistry, in 2001. Dr. Alghadban practiced general dentistry until he decided to pursue a postdoctoral education in periodontics.

Dr. Al was accepted to the Louisiana State University, School of Dentistry postdoctoral program in Periodontology. He achieved his specialty license after an intense three year training program that placed a heavy emphasis on the clinical treatment of patients and clinical research activities. Dr. Alghadban practices contemporary surgical and nonsurgical modalities, including tissue regeneration, dental implants, laser surgery, and esthetic periodontal surgery. He is licensed to perform IV sedation for his patients with special needs and dental anxiety so patients can be completely relieved from their worries and have the best relaxing treatment experience.


Complete Dental Studio

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*For each $5000 spent on an implant case, as a gift to the patient, you'll receive $1000 off the total fee. Financing available and based on approval by CareCredit.

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